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Toyskinz Rep’d at KOH2015


We talk a lot about how our wraps reign supreme. Last weekend although we didn’t win the race we won the battle against the mother of all, nature. If you’re familiar with the King of the Hammers races then you know what kind of toll riders are put through to just finish the race, let alone take home a gold. This is a perfect place to show why Toyskinz is tougher than the rest in any wraps including UTV wraps.


Our good friend BC Vaught fought tirelessly to get through this rugged terrain. Even with all the chaos around Toyskinz RZR Wrap isn’t even breaking a sweat.


Where other wrap companies rip and tear just from coming inches from rocks Toyskinz UTV wraps looks at those jagged rocks and tell them “go ahead, make my day”.


Look at all those people calling their wrap companies complaining that no one can see their logos after the first practice run. Our wrapped RZR is climbing hills laughing at how pathetic their rides look after getting ravaged.


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