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Toyskinz Farewell

Want to take this moment to recognize one of Toyskinz members and over all bad asses! Reverend C. Fresh the executive marketing manager and sales lead. Spending hours harnessing the powers of the internet to help everyone realize that Toyskinz has the best graphics in the business. Anything from sled wraps, UTV wraps (including RZR wraps, Wildcat Wraps, Maverick Wraps, etc.), ATV wraps, Dirt bike wraps, and even Vehicle wraps. These are the tried and true most durable wraps on the market and no one can even come close to how amazing our wraps truly are for all out door power sport vehicles. Carson has spent the last 8 months getting companies like Virtika, FXR, and many other huge companies to show their support for this brand. After releasing the new website and the one of kind Wrap Builder app, Carson worked tirelessly to gain permissions from many companies to allow you to be able to represent your favorite brands by adding their logos to this wrap builder. We are in more dealerships around the nation than ever before and have been spreading like wild fire to your local areas, thanks to Carson. He created our newest logo and much of the digital images you see recently. Also, he has made our social media a non stop machine pumping out new photos for everyone to view and sharing with tons more brands and accounts. Although, this is a hard transition to make with his departure the foundation that was laid by himself will allow for us to take over the graphic wrap world. We will all miss him and we give our sincerest gratitude for all the contributions that have been made by this guy and wish him the best on his future ventures. Thank you and we all hope for the best.