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Cutting Lines of White Gold

Alp’s and Chino with mounds of white gold. Snow is finally gracing our beloved lands and making us dream of the day where riders and nature unite. Get your cappuccino and head to the mountainous alpine peaks while cutting through line after line of ohh so fine white fluffy powder. You thought we were talking about something else… Shame. We want everyone to embrace the cold and wrap your sled up so it stays comfy with you on those long cold rides. The world is yours with our custom wrap builder app, and tons of designs that allow endless color modifications. Get yours today so you can head out the first day roll up to your friends and tell them “Say hello to my little friend!”


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Wraps on Wraps on Wraps

We recently offered our customers to partake in a survey with various questions. The results of these are still being processed however, one person spoke up and we have delivered! More pictures!! Tons of new pictures of wraps from sled wraps, rzr wraps, dirt bike wraps, and every other wrap in between. We will be adding more and more as the time goes by but for now enjoy some provocative wrap porn and indulge. If you want to take part of the survey visit our facebook page and have at it. Every response helps us get you what you want from Toyskinz.

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Why Winter is Better than the Rest

SNOW! The easiest answer of them all. Sure summer is fun with bikini babe and BBQ’s but what is there really to do? Yeah you can go ride your Dirt bike, get your new RZR wrapped, or hit the dunes on an ATV. But there is still so much that you don’t get when there isn’t a fresh 8 ft. of powder. We recently wrapped a Timbersled for SnoWest and at their booth they had a video of a Timbersled in action. In the summer you would never huck your bike off a 20-30 ft. drop! In the winter your can throw yourself off those drops like it was nothing! You get a fresh wrap on your snowmobile and there are no limits to where you can ride! No more boring trail rides, take it to the back country and ride where now has ridden before. Snow equals happiness. Thus, Winter is by far the best season of the year. Big whip

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RZR Wraps in the Winter? We say YES!!!

We’ve been wrapping so many sleds and getting snowmobiles ready for the shows we wanted to make sure everyone hasn’t forgotten the other power sport vehicle power house! The RZR, Maverick, and Wild Cat. We were reminded by one of our customers, who had gotten their RZR XP 1000 wrapped with a custom Toyskinz wrap featuring our friend Boondocker Turbos, that these baby’s are not constrained to the sand and summer trails. This fine wrapped XP1K2 was last seen ripping up the winter terrain. Light flurries dusted the mountain tops and riders rejoiced! The season is coming to get your wrap ready. Make your sled wrap pop from the rest or your RZR wrap ready for the season of winter shredding. Check it out on Instagram @Toyskinz and @tylerbackus1

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Toyskinz Wraps w/MSA Wheels

Our friends over at Colorado Components have been non stop relentlessly working towards the launch of their new MSA wheels. After tireless hours behind the desks they have done it again. Created a new and incredible looking set of wheels. The #MSAMILLED series has been launched with some serious new looks. The #M22ENDURO (a personal Toyskinz favorite) starting the line with its matte black coatings and brushed aluminum finish makes these a perfect fit for any ATV or UTV. The #M25ROCKER producing a clean look with a partial gloss makes these pop. The #M26VIBE rounding the entire line out with high gloss on the big sides bound to make your ride stand out from the crowd. We work hand and hand with these guys and want all of you wrapping your rides with Toyskinz to check them out. If you’re riding Toyskinz UTV or ATV wraps then you have to get some of these to finish the look. To find out more visit

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UTV Invasion at St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Toyskinz had the pleasure of attending the UTV Invasion this past weekend at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. The turn out was amazing for this being the first year of the event hosted by Idaho Dunes RV and Fullerton Sand Sports. We were able to show off our Rzr wraps, Maverick wraps, and all new 2015 Rzr door graphics to dune enthusiasts from all over the country as well as Canada. It was great to meet with other vendors in the industry such as TWM Offroad, Muzzy Performance, Starting Line Products, PRP Seats, and many others. We look forward to going back to the event next year and hope everyone will join us.UTV Invasion