Install Guide

Step 1: Strip existing decals from sled


Step 2: Clean all plastics with an adhesive remover (3M adhesive remover preferred). Then clean again with alcohol. Let dry completely before installing kit.

Step 3: Make sure you are installing the kit in a well heated area. Recommended temperature is 65-70 degrees.

Step 4: Layout the kit and fully know where all pieces go. There will be a layout map included with your kit. Cut out the larger pieces with the paperbacking left on. Some kits are easier installed by starting at the center of the hood (Polaris IQ, Arctic Cat M series). 

Step 5: Take your time! Test fit larger pieces. Once you are satisfied with the reveals, tack tape it in place. Next, run a long piece of tape down the center of the piece.


Step 6: Choose one side and peel the paper from the vinyl.


Step 7: Cut the paper backing and discard.


Step 8: Hold the end of the vinyl at a 45 degree angle and squeegee evenly from the center to the end. Once you get close to the end, let go and allow to lay down. Try to work out any air bubbles as you work your way across with the squeegee. (There is a squeegee included in your kit!)


Step 9: Remove tack tape, peel paper backing from opposite end and repeat step 8 working from the center to the end.



Step 10: Repeat steps 5-9 on each piece until kit is complete.

This is an example of the Installation Layout that will be included with your kit. Please check back for an installation video!


Polaris Pro Diagram

Polaris RZR Diagram

Ski Doo XM Diagram

Ski Doo XP Diagram

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