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Edmonton Snowmobile Show!


We are getting ready for another awesome snow season! Some our favourite Toyskinz Riders will be showing off there Toyskinz Builds! If you can make it this is one show not to miss! Stay posted we will have some sick coverage!   http://www.albertasnowmobil

Toyskinz Farewell


Want to take this moment to recognize one of Toyskinz members and over all bad asses! Reverend C. Fresh the executive marketing manager and sales lead. Spending hours harnessing the powers of the internet to help everyone realize that Toyskinz has the best gra

Wraps Made for Destruction


You heard it. We make our graphic wraps for the hardcore riders out there. Riders who take every trip out as a challenge to see how far they can push it. Whether we’re making UTV wraps, sled wraps, ATV wraps, Dirt Bike wraps, Boat wraps, or any other adr

Wheres the snow?


When the season comes to a close this soon and you’re faced with 60 degree weather there’s only one thing to do. Put up your sled wraps, and store that sled in the garage. Time to get the summer toys out to play. We’re still making sled wraps

Toyskinz Rep’d at KOH2015


   We talk a lot about how our wraps reign supreme. Last weekend although we didn’t win the race we won the battle against the mother of all, nature. If you’re familiar with the King of the Hammers races then you know what kind of toll riders are

Toyskinz feeling the warmth


Lets face it snowmobile season might as well be over. At Toyskinz at least, we’re facing 65 degree weather with zero signs of snow coming up in the next bit. What does that mean for us? RZR wraps, Maverick Turbo wraps, MX wraps, truck wraps, aftermarket