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Toyskinz Gets Vertical with Virtika

After a long weekend of excitement and adrenaline of non stop X Games action we want to take a look at something that has been happening behind the scenes at Toyskinz. We have tons of riders we sponsor, but just like some of the team here at Toyskinz, not everyone is confined to the seat. The team over at Vertika really hit this lifestyle home. Grouping together the best of the best when it comes to winter action sports and understanding that great outerwear shouldn’t be confined to keeping one sport warm on the mountains. This pairing of Vertika and Toyskinz goes together like spaghetti and meatballs. We believe our graphics don’t need to be confined to one powersport vehicle, we wrap them all. Another trait we share is the ability to customize your products. Over at Vertika they give everyone the chance to mix and match from the tops and the bottoms to even your choice of sleeves. You can rock these jackets with or without the sleeves and change the colors making these outerwear products the most customizable on the market. Bringing together endless style and loads of tech into every piece of outwear that Vertika brings to the table. Go check them out!



Lesh Toyskinz 9

Its 12 oclock somewhere.

Lesh Toyskinz 7

Toyskinz X Virtika wrap soon available online at and


Lesh Toyskinz 5

This lil guy’s confused why you’re riding a sled with no wrap??

Lesh Toyskinz 1

Owner: David Lesh saying “come on!” #WrapYourGameUp

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X Games Rewards for Wins!


To show our support to not only our riders who will be performing in the 2015 Winter X Games, but also to you the fans and fellow Toyskinz Riderz that represent the worlds best snowmobile graphics or UTV graphics. We are going to be hosting a ton of discounts that will be offered throughout the entire website. We will be giving out 30% off if any of our Riderz take home a gold medal in any event, 20% off if they take home silver, and 10% off for any bronze medals. Be sure to tune into ESPN this week and catch all the action. Be sure to watch for Colten Moore in Speed & Style Thursday at 9pm MST and again during the Long Jump Friday at 10pm MST. Then Catch the rest of our riders Dave McClure, Rob Kincaid, and our youngest rider Trace Tupper competing head to head in the Hillcross event Saturday 1-6pm MST. Go Check them all out on Facebook and Instagram and show them your support while we gear up and get ready for the nations largest Winter event, 2015 Winter X Games Aspen CO.

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Your Areas Weekend Forecast

Its the weekend and if you’re like us you’re probably chomping at the bit to go out and get some throttle out in the snow. After spending the week getting everyone’s snowmobile wraps ready we want to get everyone stoked on riding some snow!

If you’re living around Wyoming this is what your forecast will look like. Get out there and enjoy yourself some new snow, blue bird Saturday morning and another fresh dusting Sunday.


You’re living up north closer to the coast riding maybe a little more wet, but you can find some snow up in the higher areas. WeatherchannelSquamish

If you’re keeping close to the Rocky Mountains riding is going to be about the same as it has been, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy it with some sun rays keeping your view of that booter clean. Go hit it!WeatherchannelColorado

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Coming up with the Next LEVEL

Every single day here at the Toyskinz Den we’re developing new ways to make your snowmobile wrap stand out amongst the crowd. This upcoming X Games will expo one of our newest creations from the brain factory of Toyskinz. Keeping up with the endless style of Colten Moore and showcasing his #31style with our newest Toyskinz Combo Kits. Partially flake with vibrant color vinyl. This adds little hits of sparkle to your wrap and makes it stand out even more now. We introduced this on the SnoWest Yamaha Viper Build last year. This year this will be viewed by tens of thousands of people across the county flying through the air and racing down the track. Be sure to watch out for it and in the near future will be made available for customers. #WrapYourGameUp


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X Games to Deliver 2015

5 Events for the 2015 Winter X Games. SnoCross, SnoCross Adaptive, Hill Cross, Long Jump, and Speed & Style. For the first year excluding the extreme and very popular freestyle event, but after looking at the line up we don’t think anyone will miss any action. Kicking off the first day Thursday January 22 tune in to see Toyskinz Riderz gold medalist Colten Moore showing off his new Toyskinz sled wrap while he shows us why he took home gold in 2014. Friday Colten battles out the reigning champ Levi Levelle in the Long Jump event, but we’ll see who’s ready to fly the furthest. Saturday is filled with non stop action starting at the top of the mountain to the bottom and back up again with Hill Cross. This event will showcase the majority of Toyskinz Riderz and their newest snowmobile wraps. We have a handful of riders participating from the likes of Dave McClure, Rob Kincaid, and our youngest rider Trace Tupper. Sunday rounds out with the SnoCross and SnoCross Adaptive pinning some heavy hitters against one another. All in all this year’s going to be packed to bars with action! Be sure you tune in and show some support for our riders putting it all on the line for the love of the sport! Good luck guys!