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VIDEO: Slednez ACT 2014-2015

If you live the snowmobile lifestyle but haven’t seen the teaser for the upcoming Slednez video ACT then you are out of the loop. Put down your copy of Winter Project and pull out the plastic. This will be out on the shelves soon. After confirmation of the final editing being completed on Simon Selberg’s instagram account you can be sure that this will be ready for purchase soon. We’re all waiting impatiently to watch these guys go huge! Also, with our newest rider Pontus Sundberg showing off his back country back flips we’re rooting for a hug success from these guys. Now enough of this watch the teaser and get ready for Slednez ACT.


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What We have in Store

Here comes the non stop and relentless “New Year, New Me” routine. We’ve all seen the memes of how annoying this is for some, the reason why? No one ever follows through with it. Until now. will be launching a slue of new toy wraps at the start of the new year. If you’ve been keeping up with us you know that there has been a ton a new additions to the Toyskinz Riderz crew. Not only that we will be launching sneak peak looks at all the upcoming pro rider snowmobile wraps that will be available for purchase later in the year. You’re going to see all the new designs we have available. Don’t forget ANY Toyskinz wrap design can be transferred to ANY kit we have available. If you ride an IQR and like what’s on the Ski-doo XM’s we can transfer it. Be sure to keep your eyes out for our new announcement when the sled wrap designs drop. Also, check out the wrap builder for new add-on’s made available from TONS of new brands logos and clip arts to make your dream wrap come true. New Year, New Me begins here with Toyskinz.

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Some Christmas Teasers and Videos

Thought while we’re away from the office we would supply you with some videos and teasers to watch. You can watch them while installing your new Toyskinz sled wrap. Or while ordering your UTV wrap. Or while you sit down with friends and family to design your very own snowmobile wrap on the Toyskinz Wrap Builder. However you choose to watch them be sure that you enjoy. Have a safe a very Merry Christmas with your friends and family.


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The Friday Before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas and all across the map, Toyskinz is sending out kits for your sleds to be wrapped.
The sleds were stored up in the garage with care, in hopes that their Toyskinz wrap would soon be there.
The crew were nestled all snug in their gear, whiles visions of powder filled them up with cheer.
And momma in her boots handing me a beer that’s been capped.
We had to settle our brains for a long winters trail lap.
When out in the trailer there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from my truck to see what was the matter.
Away to the gate I flew like a flash
Dropped down the door and looked at my sled stash.
When I stepped out to the new layer of fallen snow.
I couldn’t wait to get to the top and yell “watch out below”
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a neat little box, my new Toyskinz was finally here.
Snatching up my box I opened it quick
With no hesitation I began to peel and stick.
More rapid than eagles my coursers they came
and I whistled and Shouted and called them by name.
Now Eric, Now Michael, Now Jared, and Billy
On Brian, On Todd, On Daniel, and Julie.
To the top of the Tunnel to the Top of the hood
Now wrap away wrap away wrap it all good…..

The next verse to be given the Night before Christmas.

Make sure you make someone’s holiday the best ever and get them some Toyskinz swag from our list of items. Including shirts, jackets, hats, and Gift cards to help someone get their very own Toyskinz sled wrap.

Santa Shhh

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What Your Christmas will Look Like





 Looks like we’ve got snow coming! That’s exactly what we have been asking for at Toyskinz. Our sled wraps are all done up and everyone here is chomping at the bit to go out and get to shredding. We have had such moderate snow conditions that it has made this season start really late, too late if you ask us. Luckily there is hope. We have been scanning all of the weather outlets trying to find that small glimmer of hope. Here it is, the upcoming forecast is predicting a helluva storm coming though the higher altitude areas around the Toyskinz Den. So be sure to get your sled wraps installed and ready for this snow to hit.


Michigan, Illinois, and other surrounding areas are also expected to be hammered down by winter wonders. Hopefully all of our Toyskinz riders out on the east coast get more snow than rain. We’ll be praying for you. What’s Christmas without a little snow? Keep those mukluks out and keep on dancing in the yard. It’s winter and we need as much snow as we can handle! Bring it on, I’ll have my sled ready and so will everyone else repping Toyskinz snowmobile wraps.

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Toyskinz Wraps and Swag

Yesterday was a soft release of the new line of Toyskinz Swag. With so many snowmobile wraps and custom wraps being slung out the door we thought its about time for you to rep your wraps on and off your ride.


Introducing the Newest to the line up. The Toyskinz Tech fleece. This is the perfect addition to layer up this season. This Toyskinz Tech fleece is made with bonded fleece materials on the outside to repel water and keep wind from making its way into the jacket. The inside is lined with brushed fleece to retain heat. 3 pocket system to keep all your valuables kept safe under your jacket and readily available for when you make a pit stop at the local bar. $75


Next up is the Toyskinz Crest T-shirt. Not a lot of PK on this other than its a bad ass shirt that is made to make all the ladies want to come up and talk to you. $15

front hat12

Last is this stunner. The Toyskinz flat bill cap. Embroidered with the TZ Star and Toyskinz in the back. Wear this to your next party and rep your favorite wraps for everyone to know. $25