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The Deals are Here!


We’re Rolling out the deals this weekend! Ending at 11AM we have our buy a wrap get 20% off and a FREE T-shirt with Promo Code: BLACKFRIDAY! Then we’re continuing the good by giving 20% the rest of the weekend on any wrap purchase with Promo Code: WEEKENDWRAPS! Last but not least Cyber Monday we will have 20% off your wrap plus and additional Toyskinz Sticker Pack to help wrap your other toys up! Don’t get caught sleeping on these deals!


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Too Late Tuesday

Two Day Countdown

Day one: Preparation. We all know what is coming up in the next couple days, for some it is very casual, for others it is a day of total destruction to the super market and their own physique. For those who tread in the total annihilation lane it is always good to be ready and prepared. At Toyskinz we’re taking every step and precaution possible. While we install your wrap we’re getting ready. Starting off each morning with a piping hot cup of coffee to warm the lining of our stomachs to help the immense stretching. Then throughout the day we’re stretching further while installing wraps we crouch and stand and crouch and stand. Doing this ensures that we will be physically ready to lift ourselves up to walk over for seconds and thirds. We’ve gotten this pinned down to a science or gorging ourselves while staying productive to deliver every single bad ass wrap to each and every customer.


Day two: Meditation and Visualization. These two may seem hocus pocus or some hippie crap, but here at Toyskinz we 100% believe in these crucial steps to obtain success in our goals we have set. We believe that you too need to adopt these simple steps. First and foremost you have to meditate. Traveling inwards to the deepest crevasse of your mind will help you in more than one way but when you focus this into believing what you can accomplish with your body you will be able to achieve any goal, ours is to finish that third plate. Second you must visualize, if you can not visualize your goal how can you expect to achieve it? You can’t. You must look inward again and visualize you finishing the first plate and second and moving past that third plate. We know it can be difficult but if you truly believe in yourself you can accomplish this with us this year.

Turkey Day 

Take these steps and make sure that you’re not facing too late Tuesday with no preparation. Its not to late if you start today! You have the steps and Toyskinz is here to help you achieve your goals. Remember after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and we will have your backs all weekend to receive your Toyskinz wrap.  

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Weekend Recap

Wrapped up the weekend with the best possible activities winter recreation has to offer. Lets start off with the beginning of the weekend, Friday. Working the grinding stone all day while constantly looking up weather reports for designated riding areas. During the installation of a sick Snow Camo wrap I couldn’t help to lose myself in the day dream of what the weekend would have in store for us and riding. Snap some shots and it was time to head home. Waking up Saturday morning the weather reports had resisted delivering anything substantial for riding, so all day we prepped. Getting the skis ready, pulling the sleds apart and back together, and of course tuning the boards for the ride. As we reached the end of the day the weather reports binged with snowflake emoticons ensuring us that while we slept snow was going to be on its way. As we woke early Sunday morning we were not disappointed. The snow had come and the clouds had left leaving an amazing blue bird day with snow blanketed the grounds. We got all our gear ready, pulled sleds into trailers, and made sure our wraps were looking clean as ever. As we reached the mountain there were hesitation due to early snow conditions, a.k.a. hidden rocks and stumps. However as we head up for the first run of the season to our surprise the conditions weren’t all that bad! We were cutting in deep areas and spraying snow from out behind us. Now not to say we didn’t find any rocks, after being tomahawked a few times there was no question we found them. Despite a couple bucks and kicks the overall first ride of the year was nothing short of amazing. Now back to the week and if there is one thing I will say I would be thankful for later this week when we sit down for dinner will be for MORE SNOW.



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Winterize Your Life

If you haven’t heard already, there has been massive amounts of snowfall out east. Maybe the magnetic poles of the earth have finally shifted? Typically the east doesn’t have near the amount of snowfall that they have experienced. The Rockies snow is suppose to be the location of all the snowfall. We have yet to see a fraction of that accumulation. Maybe this is just the calm before the storm. But if while we wait this is a great time to learn from the East that we can be hit just as hard at a moments notice. This is the list of what to have ready for when the snow finally comes, by Toyskinz.

– Snow Fall Preperation –

1. Always be sure to have enough food.. or if anything have enough beer!

2. Be sure to stock up on at least 1 can of gas, enough to fill your sled for a run to the neighbors for more beer!

3. Get your riding gear out of the garage and in the house. Want to make sure your jackets, boots, gloves, and helmet are warm and cozy.

4. Finish all your builds for your sled now while you can make it to the garage!

5. Last but not least, be sure to have your designs sent over and get that sled wrapped ASAP!


If you follow these simple steps your winter experience will be sure to be enhanced. We want to wish everyone the best out east and we’re hoping for the best for everyone that has been locked up for the past couple days. If you are locked up and bored feeling a little cabin fever hop on the wrap builder and take your mind of things and design a sick new wrap! Good luck everyone!Donkey (Custom)



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Toyskinz Riderz New Addition

On our tour of world domination we gather the biggest most talented riders in the game of snowmobile. We have freestyle riders who take hucking themselves to a whole new level, we have some of the fastest racers that will dominate any hill in a matter of seconds, and we have the riders who show us that anything is possible with a little more throttle. Team Toyskinz Riderz is as rough as the old wild west, when we show up we shoot first and ask questions later. This especially goes for the newest addition to the team, Pontus Sundberg from across the world in Sweden. We are stoked to add this monster to the most bad ass team out there. When you look up Beast in the dictionary there’s a picture of Pontus completely destroying the page on his sled. Shoot first ask later, this guy lives up to this to the T by riding his sled through mountain terrain, with no snow! You can find him tearing the mountain a new ass by powering wheelies in the dirt, boondocking through the trees with no snow, and hucking massive flips in the back country. We will soon be dropping his new Toyskinz graphic for 2014-2015 that will be available for purchase next season. But for now we say welcome to the team, lets go out and concur the world!

backflip gopro bild bra kvallPontus Sundberg Wheelie

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Gearing up for Competition

Waking up to another crisp and cold morning we all look out and see the vast blanket of shimmering white snow covering the landscape. Days like this make each and every one of us wonder when will it be our time to gear up and ride? To average riders this question is fueled by passion of the ride, to other though, this question is forced by the need of progression, to prove to themselves and to others that their passions are validated by progression. Not everyone can find this validation simply by riding the back country, some have to find this by doing what they do best and show others why they truly are the best by testing their merits in form of competition. Pinning themselves up against the few others that have proven to others why they deserve to compete. Here at Toyskinz, we’re here to support these few not to only show them that we have their backs while competing, but to show that progression can only be proven by those who actively progress. We are proud to support the likes of Dave McClure, who’s competed in countless race circuits, featured on famous outlets, and idolized in the sport by young and old. With his acceptance to prove himself in the industry’s most viewed spectators sport of X-Games Winter. McClure has been the power house at hill climb events for many years showing his skills and talents at the RMSHA events. Along with our other championship rider Colten Moore this year’s X-Games will be wrapped with Toyskinz and hung with Gold.DaveMcClureblog

Colten Moore Gold run2